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Palo Santo Sticks 4 sticks  5pk
Item: 140301
5 packs 4 sticks in each pack Used for spiritual purification and energy cleansing.  Rest..
Palo Santo Sticks 500gr
Item: 140302
Bulk pack Used for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. When the wood is burned it’s beli..
Nag Champa Soap 75g 4 pk
Item: 2201
75 gr bar 4 pack Original nag champa soap, grade 1, softens skin, good lather, high in mo..
Palo Santo Chips 30gr 5 pk
Item: 140201
30 grams per pack 5 packs Use on top of charcoal for spiritual cleansing. Can mix with whit..
Palo Santo Milled 30 gr 5 pk
Item: 140101
Great to use on charcoal for spiritual cleansing. ..
Palo Santo Milled 500 gr
Item: 140102
Bulk Pack of 500 grams Great to use on charocal.     ..
Palo Santo Wood Chips 500gr
Item: 140202
Bulk Pack Great to use for spiritual rituals. ..
Santo Palo 5ml Oil 3pk
Item: 140401
Palo santo Oil Benefits include. Relieving inflammation Fighting infection Reli..
The Ghostbuster - Cleansing Mix 30gr - 5 Pack
Item: 140501
  The Ghostbuster Blend of White Sage and Palo Santo Heavy Duty Cleansing Mix Works li..
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