Gypsy Gold Rings

Sizing: Our Bronze Rings range from size 54 to 64.  Whilst not everyone's fingers are in this range, we have found that these sizes will suit the vast majority of customers. In general we supply rings in a mix of sizes. Should you order more than one of a particular style, we will try not to double up on sizes but give you the widest range possible. If you require specific sizes or prefer mainly large, medium or small sizes, please let us know. We will do our best to send you exactly what you need.

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Gypsy Gold Ring Large Filigree Pattern
Item: 71048
    Material: Bronze Size of Face: 3.5cm long Sizes available: 52-64 Please..
Gypsy Gold Ring w Stone
Item: 71029
    Large gypsy gold ring with a filigree design and long oval stone. Material:&n..
Hand Of Fatima Ring
Item: 71043
    Size: 52 - 64 Material: Bronze Meaning: The Hand of Fatima is an anci..
Flower of Life Ring
Item: 71009
    Flower of Life Ring featuring a Celtic Twist on each shoulder of the ring or eit..
Gypsy Gold Butterfly Ring w stones
Item: 71037
    Intricately designed gypsy gold butterfly ring with stones  Material: Br..
Gypsy Gold Flower Ring
Item: 71035
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted or Shell Colours: Drk Blu..
Gypsy Gold Large Oval Ring with stone
Item: 71021
    Gypsy Gold Ring set with large oval stone and ornate gypsy gold framing. Mate..
Gypsy Gold Marquise Ring (with Stone)
Item: 71025
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted Colours: Drk Blue Lapis, ..
Gypsy Gold Oval Ring with Stone
Item: 71038
    Ornate oval gypy gold ring framed by leaf filigree design with stone. Materia..
Gypsy Gold Ring Celtic Knot With Stone
Item: 71024
    Marquise shaped stone bordered with celtic triquetra knots. Material: Bronze ..
Gypsy Gold Ring with diamond shaped stones
Item: 71030
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted or shell Colours: Da..
Gypsy Gold Ring- Ornate Oval w Stone
Item: 71017
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted  Colours: Dark Blue-..
Gypsy Gold Ring- Side Oval w Stone
Item: 71015
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted  Colours: Drk Blue- Lapis..
Gypsy Gold Side Oval Ring w Stone
Item: 71028
    Beautifully designed bronze ring with intricate side oval framing and side oval ..
Gypsy Gold Victorian Rose Ring
Item: 71008
    Intricately designed Victorian style rose ring. Sizes: 52 to 64 Pleas..
Owl Gypsy Bronze Ring
Item: 71061
    Intricate Owl Ring featuring owl image at centre front with owl wings wrapping a..
Tree Of Life Gypsy Bronze Ring
Item: 71036
    Tree of Life Ring featuring intricate Celtic design and solid band. Unisex style..
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