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Chakra Stones 24 Packs
Item: 43001
24 Packs Each pack contains - 1 x Organza pouch 1 x Information sheet 7 x Crystals Amet..
Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet
Item: 43403
Clear Quartz works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening, amplifying and transmitting energy ..
Crystal Pendants Retailer Display Box - 90 Pieces
Item: 43005
Gemstone Pendants - BEST SELLER These genuine crystal pendants come in a mixed box of 90 ind..
Natural Quartz Pendulums 24 Packs
Item: 43002
Each pack contains - 1 x Natural quartz pendulum 1 x Pendulum chart 1 x Organza pouch ..
Selenite Crystal Moon
Item: 12345
Polished selenite crystal moon. Selenite is often used for chakra clearing work, especially to ac..
Crystal Pendants 30 Pieces
Item: 430051 - 30 Pcs
   We have now made it available for our customers to purchase this item in lots of 30 ..
Raw Selenite Wand 10cm
Item: 12341
Selenite wands also known as 'liquid light' or 'moon glow' are powerful healing tools. They are..
Raw Selenite Wand 15cm
Item: 1234
Selenite wands also known as 'liquid light' or 'moon glow' are powerful healing tools. They are..
Chakra Stone Set
Item: 43203
Each pack contains - 7 x Natural Crystals (each crystal is round and flat for easy placement on rel..
Assorted Tumbled Stones A Grade 100gr
Item: 130
    Small tumbled stone crystals A grade Available in: Rose Quartz- Promote..
Crystal Collection Display 18 Packs
Item: 43007
18 packs per display box  Each pack includes the following crystals: Agate Aventu..
Dream Stones- Sleep Aid & Protection- Set 24 Packs
Item: 43008
24pks Each pack includes 3 stones, a black velvet pouch & a pamphlet Sound sleep..
Heart Shaped Gemstone Pendants 90 pcs
Item: 43009
Heart shaped gemstone Pendants - Very Cute These gemstone pendants come an assortment o..
Amethyst Bracelet
Item: 43401
Amethyst is the stone of contentment and spirituality, it allows stability, strength and inner peace..
Heart Shaped Gemstone Pendants 30pcs
Item: 430091
Heart shaped gemstone Pendants - comes in own box These gemstone pendants are an assort..
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