Charcoal & Tongs

Woodbine Charcoal is a Superior Quality Instant- Light Charcoal perfect for burning of loose incense, resins, powders and in hookah pipes.

Each Individual Box contains 10 sealed rolls of Superior Quality Instant-Lite Charcoal. Each roll contains 10 individual tablets. Tablet Diameter is 33mm.

Master cartons also available.


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Instant-Light Charcoal 33mm
Item: 3400
Each Box contains 10 sealed rolls of Superior Quality Instant-Light Charcoal. Each roll contain..
Instant-Light Charcoal 33mm Master Carton 24 Boxes
Item: 3400 Master
10 Tablets per Pack - 10 Packs per Unit - 24 Units per Master Carton To Use: Remove a tablet from t..
Stainless Steel Charcoal Tongs - 5 pack
Item: 1702
Handle your hot charcoal tablets with ease. Simply hold Charcoal with the tongs then once lit place ..
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