Gypsy Gold Pendants

Bronze was first used about 5,000 years ago (in the Early Bronze Age) in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Traditionally a mix of copper and tin, modern bronze is mixed with aluminium which improves its strength and gives it an elegant, antique gold look. Jewellery made from bronze is ultimately long lasting, hard wearing and excellent value.

Elanora Australia sells bronze jewellery which is safe to wear and gives an air of beautiful antiquity without the expensive price tag.

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Gypsy Gold Celtic Pendant- 20mm
Item: 74052 Sml
Material: Bronze Made in Thailand ..
Gypsy Gold Infinity Pendant
Item: 74017 Sml
Size: 25mm High  Infinity is a powerful symbol of continuous connection, energy and vitality..
Gypsy Gold Triquetra Trinity Knot Pendant- 22mm
Item: 74027
Material: Gypsy Bronze Size: 22mm x 22mm ..
Gypsy Gold Celtic Pentagram Pendant- 25mm
Item: 74006 Med
Material: Bronze Made in Thailand ..
Gypsy Gold Tree Of Life Pendant- 25mm
Item: 74053 Med
Beautifully designed tree of life pendant representing our deep connection with both the heavens thr..
Gypsy Gold Tree Of Life Pendant- 27mm
Item: 74054 Med
Tree of Life design with celtic style linked chain border. Please note this pendant is flat. Size..
Gypsy Gold Moon Pendant
Item: 74060 Med
Beautiful Bronze Celtic Style Moon Pendant Material: Bronze Approx 2.5cm(H) 0.9(W) ..
Om Asta Mandala Pendant- 29mm
Item: 74011 Med
Please note that this is a very intricate piece and signifcant workmanship has gone into creati..
Seed of Life Pendant- 23mm
Item: 74061 Med
Both beautiful and delicate this Seed of Life Pendant is a Sacred Geometry symbol representing the 7..
Sun Moon Pendant- 25mm
Item: 74062 Med
Intricately designed Sun and Moon Pendant in Celtic style. This is a beautiful piece that repre..
Sun Moon Pendant- 25mm
Item: 74021 Med
Intricately designed Sun and Moon Pendant with Celtic Twist Border. This is a beautiful piece that r..
Chakra Pendant (Meditation) w CZ Stones- 32mm
Item: 74031 Lge
Beautifully designed Chakra Pendant in Seated Meditation Pose, featuring an appropriately coloured c..
Gypsy Bronze Dragon Pendant
Item: 74008 Lge
Size: 45mm high Material: Bronze Made in Thailand ..
Gypsy Gold Triquetra Pendant- 30mm
Item: 74009 Lge
The Triquetra is a symbol of triplicities. In Celtic Mythology, it represents the Triple Goddes..
Tree of Life Pendant- 34mm
Item: 74019 Lge
Stunning pendant featuring an intricately designed Tree of Life image. Engraved in a Celtic style. S..
Tree of Life Pendant- 35mm
Item: 74059 Lge
Intricately designed Tree of Life pendant that features a Celtic Knot border. It is said that Celtic..
Gypsy Gold Ancient Spiral Pendant with Stone
Item: 74058 Lge
This is a substantial piece of gypsy gold with a large central stone (either reconstituted crystal o..
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