Dream Beads

Our dream beads have been infused with a beautiful old world legend, they are available in 10 different colours that represent specific elements of your life and any dreams or desires that you may have in regards to that element. It is said that once the band breaks and the beads fall to the earth your dreams have been heard by the Universe and will come true.

A Dream Bead Stand item 3207 is also available- it includes a starter pack of 200 wristbands (20 of each colour). 

They are lovingly hand made in Thailand by artisans.

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Blue Dream Beads- Spirituality (pack of 10)
Item: 011
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Blue Beads representing SPIRITUALITY Each pack contains 10..
Crystal Dream Beads Bracelets- Clarity (pack of 10)
Item: 013
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Clear Beads representing CLARITY Each pack contains 1..
Gold Dream Beads Bracelets- Money (pack of 10)
Item: 010
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Gold Beads representing MONEY. Each pack contains 10 brace..
Green Dream Beads Bracelets- Hope (pack of 10)
Item: 015
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Green Beads representing HOPE. Each pack contains 10 ..
Orange Dream Beads Bracelets- Energy (pack of 10)
Item: 017
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Orange Beads representing ENERGY. Each pack contains ..
Pink Dream Beads Bracelets- Love (pack of 10)
Item: 020
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Pink Beads representing LOVE. Each pack contains 10 bracel..
Purple Dream Beads Bracelets- Protection (pack of 10)
Item: 014
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Purple Beads representing PROTECTION. Each pack contains&n..
Rainbow Dream Beads Bracelets- Happiness (pack of 10)
Item: 018
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Rainbow Beads representing HAPPINESS. Each pack contains 1..
Red Dream Beads Bracelets- Health (pack of 10)
Item: 016
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Red Beads representing HEALTH. Each pack contains 10 brace..
Turquoise Dream Beads Bracelets- Peace (pack of 10)
Item: 012
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Turquoise Beads representing PEACE. Each pack contains&nbs..
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