Charcoal & Cone Holders

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Charcoal Burner (5pack)
Item: 1781
Ceramic Charcoal Burner with Pentagram Design - Pack of 5  Suitable for Charcoal, Resin..
Flower Pot Style Brass Incense Holder (2 pack)
Item: 1718
Hand crafted in India from solid brass. Suitable for burning incense sticks or cones. pack of 2..
Incense Holder Medium (2 pack)
Item: 1713
Brass incense holder suitable for burning sticks or cones. Pack of 2 Diameter approx 45mm, H..
Incense Holder Small Squat (2 Pack)
Item: 1705
This incense holder works best with Incense cones but will hold an incense stick as well. 2 ..
Incense Holder Tower Style (2 pack)
Item: 1707
Hand Made in India of solid brass. This incense holder can be used to burn incense sticks ..
Purple Cone Holder 10 cm
Item: 468
Purple hand carved wooden cone holder.  The best and safest way to burn cones. Smoke come..
Pyramid Cone Burner 10cm
Item: 469
Hand carved, wooden incense cone burners with gold buddha image. Pyramid cover lifts up allowing ..
30cm Wooden Incense box
Item: 1730
Wooden Incense Box with Hexagonal shaped Lattice Top and Brass Inlay. Once a lit stick or co..
Medium Size Brass Censer
Item: 1719
Sensers are traditionally used in religious ceremonies to burn aromatic resins or herbs on char..
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