We have a large range of sustainably harvested Palo Santo and White Sage products and now also offer certified organic White Sage Smudge Sticks in a variety of sizes. We are hugely passionate about our environment and are on a journey to remove as much single use plastic packaging as possible, as a result you will find most of our packaging is re-usable or 100% recyclable. Most of our smudge is sold loose, package and plastic free. If you are searching for smudging or ritual accessories we also have sustainably sourced abalone shells, wish candles and honeycomb ritual candles.

There is also a beautiful range of Australian Native Smudge Bundles, Palo Santo Meditation Bundles and Self Love Smudging Kits. All of our packs are created onsite out of 100% pure ingredients. 

Both Palo Santo and White Sage were traditionally used by shamans and elders for energy and space clearing ceremonies as well as for healing purposes. They are beautiful products and should be used and treated with utmost respect and pure intent.

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