Sterling Silver Pendants

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Amethyst Pendant
Item: 6994
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Stone: Natural Amethyst - Cabochon cut Dimensions: W 2.5cm  ..
Chakra Caduceus Pendant with CZ
Item: 6932
Chakra Pendant with CZ in the shape of the Ancient symbol- the Caduceus or Hermes' staff, an externa..
Horseshoe Pendant
Item: 6953
Horseshoe Pendant Material - Sterling Silver Size - (H) 20mm (W) 19mm ..
Kneeling Bow Pendant
Item: 61011
Part of our new range of soul stirring yoga jewellery this high quality sterling silver pendant repr..
Love Heart Harmony ball
Item: 69982
The Harmony Ball or Angel Caller contains a small bell that emits a gentle chime with movement. For ..
Nordic Sun Wheel Pendant
Item: 6915
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Size: 25mm Diameter Meaning: The Nordic Sun Wheel is an eso..
Quad Triquetra Pendant
Item: 6918
Quad Triquetra Pendant Material - Sterling Silver Size - 25mm Diameter ..
Seated Meditation Pendant
Item: 61007
Part of our new soul stirring yoga jewellery range this sterling silver pendant represents the seate..
Seated Prayer Pendant
Item: 61009
Part of our new soul stirring yoga jewellery range this beautiful sterling silver pendant represents..
Sterling Silver Anchor Pendant
Item: 6949
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Made in Thailand Size: 30mm (H) x 25mm (W) ..
Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant
Item: 6910
Material: Sterling silver The ankh, also known as key of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata..
Sterling Silver Flower Ball Pendant
Item: 6975
Material: Sterling silver Diameter: 25mm Made in Thailand ..
Sterling Silver Harmony Ball
Item: 6985
Sterling Silver Pendant - Harmony Ball Harmony Balls have been around for centuries and are tradi..
Sterling Silver Large Wing Pendant
Item: 6966
Beautiful piece of jewellery Angel wing symbolises a friendship, a lost one or if you just love a..
Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Pendant
Item: 6925
Sterling Silver Pendant - Tree of life, Celtic Knotwork The Celtic Tree of Life is the symbol of ba..
Tree Pose Pendant
Item: 61012
Part of our new soul stirring yoga jewellery range this delicate pendant represents the tree po..
Valknut Pendant
Item: 6971
Valknut pendants are a popular talisman of protection against spirits Material: Sterlin..
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