Incense Holders

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7 Chakras Aluminium Incense Boat
Item: 17015
High quality, silver Aluminium Incense Boat with carved 7 Chakras Design. A beautiful way to burn..
Ceramic Black Plate Incense Holder - Lokta Paper Box
Item: 16401
New hand made Ceramic Black Plate Incense Burner that has been beautifully packaged in ele..
30cm Wooden Incense box x 1
Item: 1730- PAINTED
Wooden Incense Box with hand carved, hinged lattice lid and gold Flower of Life painted mo..
30cm Chakra Incense box (Black)
Item: 17302
Black Wooden Incense Box with Hinged Latticed Lid and 7 Chakra painted design on front and back..
Black Lotus Soapstone Incense/Cone Burner
Item: 1737
  Intricately hand carved soapstone lotus cone and incense burner. Each burner holds 1 cone ..
Ceramic Lotus Burner- Lokta Paper Box
Item: 163
We have a gorgeous new Ceramic Lotus Incense Burner that has been beautifully packaged in Lokta..
Soapstone Pentagram Incense Burner
Item: 1735
  Hand etched soapstone pentagram incense burner. Each burner holds 6 incense stic..
Little Lotus Metal Incense/Cone Burner
Item: 1792
  Intricately designed metal cone and incense burner in lotus flower design. The centra..
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