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Bracelet with Love Heart Stone - 10 Pack
Item: 008
Pack of 10 Material: Cotton and Beads Colour: Turquoise Length: Adjustable Made in Thail..
Double Stranded Gypsy Bracelet - 5 Pack
Item: 0215
Waxed cotton wristband with turquoise chips. Double stranded One Size Colour: Turquoise Pac..
Gypsy Bracelet - Pack of 5
Item: 0213
Trendy Gypsy Bracelet - Pack of 5 Material: Cotton and Beads Colours: assorted Length:..
Gypsy Gold  Round Filigree Earrings
Item: 72015
The hooks on all of our Gyspy Bronze earrings are made from hypoallergenic gold plated sterling silv..
Gypsy Gold Belcher Chain - 45cm
Item: 75003
Gypsy gold belcher style chain- 45cm Material: bronze Made in Thailand ..
Gypsy Gold Chains - 60cm
Item: 75005
 60cm Please note our bronze chains do not necessarily match our bronze pendants. Materia..
Gypsy Gold Dragonfly Earrings
Item: 72037
  Beautifully designed bronze dragonfly earrings- wings are in a delicate filigree design. ..
Gypsy Gold Earrings Triquetra Trinity Knot
Item: 72013
The hooks on all of our Gyspy Bronze earrings are made from hypoallergenic gold plated sterling silv..
Gypsy Gold Floral Hoop Earrings with Stones
Item: 72033
  Gypsy Style Hoop Earrings with intricate floral design and central stone. Stones: Colou..
Gypsy Gold Heart Shaped Filigree Earrings
Item: 72026
The hooks on all of our Gyspy Bronze earrings are made from hypoallergenic gold plated sterling silv..
Pentagram Earrings
Item: 6520
  Pentagram earrings with french hooks Meaning: The pentacle, a pentagram within a circle..
Sharks Tooth - Turtle Necklace - 10 Pack
Item: 0326
Sharks Tooth Necklace with turquoise turtle beads on adjustable cotton cord. Pack of 10 ..
Sharks Tooth Bracelet - 10 Pack
Item: 2525
Leather Sharks Tooth bracelet, comes in assorted colours - Adjustable. Pack of 10 ..
Sharks Tooth Necklace - 10 Pack
Item: 031
Sharks Tooth Necklace with coconut beads on adjustable cotton cord. Pack of 10 ..
Turtle Necklace - 5pk
Item: 0321
Turtle Turquoise Necklace cotton cord. Pack of 5 ..
Gypsy Gold Filigree Earrings with Stones
Item: 72041
Intricate filigree gypsy hoop earrings with stone. Stones: colours vary (Light Green, Turquo..
Large Brass Bell Anklets - 3 pack
Item: 115
3 Pack Makes noise when moving. 25cm long   ..
Butterfly Ring - Filigree
Item: 6161
    The symbolic meaning of the butterfly is similar across most cultures, regardles..
Cowrie Necklace 10 Pack
Item: 0329
Cowrie Necklace on adjustable cord pack of 10 ..
Sterling Silver Triquetra Ring
Item: 6181
    Meaning: The Triquetra or Trinity knot represents the threefold nature of the ..
Cotton Anklet with Bells (10 Pack)
Item: 102
Cotton Anklet with Bells - Pack of 10 Material: Waxed cotton and white metal  Length..
Cowrie Shell Anklet (10 Pack)
Item: 110302
Cowrie Shell Anklet - Pack of 10 Materials: Waxed Cotton, Cowrie Shell, Glass Beads Lengt..
Dolphin Anklet (10 Pack)
Item: 110
Cotton Wristband with Dolphins and Beads - Pack of 10 Materials: Waxed Cotton, Glass Beads Len..
Gypsy Anklet (5 Pack)
Item: 113
Waxed Cotton Anklet Coloured Stones in a Metal Setting - Pack of 5 Materials: Waxed Cotton, Glass..
Starfish Beaded Bracelet 10 pack - Back in stock
Item: 2534
Starfish Beaded Bracelet 10 pack ..
Gypsy Gold Celtic Triquetra Pendant- 23mm
Item: 74052 Sml
Intricately designed Triquetra Knot Gypsy Gold Pendant. Material: Bronze Size: 2.3mm diameter ..
Gypsy Gold Pentagram Pendant- 20mm
Item: 74050 Sml
The pentacle, a pentagram within a circle, is the most recognizable symbol of Wicca. The pentacle re..
Mood Ring - Plain Band (60 pcs)
Item: 29012
Mood Jewellery has withstood the test of time. Mood rings invoke nostalgia in adults and excite..
Mood Rings - Two Tones (60pcs)
Item: 29013
Our Mood Jewellery is high quality and nickel free. Colours change by detecting heat within the..
Cowrie Shell Wristband 10 Pack
Item: 048
Cowrie Shell Wristband, boho vibe (10pk). Adjustable wristband Waxed cotton- turquoise. Mad..
Gypsy Gold Crescent Moon Pendant
Item: 74060 Med
Beautiful Bronze Celtic Style Crescent Moon Pendant Material: Bronze Approx 2.5cm(H) 0.9(W) ..
Gypsy Gold Ring Large Filigree Pattern
Item: 71048
    Material: Bronze Size of Face: 3.5cm long Sizes available: 52-64 Please..
Sun Moon Pendant- 25mm
Item: 74062 Med
Intricately designed Sun and Moon Pendant in Celtic style. This is a beautiful piece that repre..
Tassle Gypsy Gold Earrings
Item: 72017
Intricate Gypsy Style Tassle Earrings- French Hook.  The hooks on all of our Gyspy Bronze ea..
Crystal Dream Beads Bracelets- Clarity (pack of 10)
Item: 013- Neutral String
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Clear Beads representing CLARITY, neutral coloured string. ..
Gold Dream Beads Bracelets- Money (pack of 10)
Item: 010- Neutral String
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Gold Beads representing MONEY, neutral coloured string. Each pa..
Turquoise Dream Beads Bracelets- Peace (pack of 10)
Item: 012- Neutral String
Woven Cotton Wristbands with Turquoise Beads representing PEACE, neutral coloured string. ..
Flower of Life Gypsy Gold Pendant- 40mm
Item: 74057 Lge
Meaning: The flower of life shape contains a secret shape known as the fruit of life that consists o..
Hand Of Fatima Ring
Item: 71043
    Size: 52 - 64 Material: Bronze Meaning: The Hand of Fatima is an anci..
Assorted Metal wristbands on card 12 pack
Item: 0235
Assorted Metal Bracelets on card (Designs Vary) - Pack of 12 Material: Cotton String & M..
Celtic Sailor's Knot Ring
Item: 6178
    The Celtic Sailor's knot was crafted by sailors to remind them of loved ones bac..
Dolphin Ring
Item: 6005
    Dolphin inspired ring featuring 3 dolphins. Material: 925 Sterling Silver ..
Filigree Band Ring
Item: 6013
    Filigree design ring Band width: (3mm) Material: 925 Sterling Silver Av..
Filigree Heart Ring
Item: 6185
    Intricate filigree heart ring. Material: 925 Sterling Silver Available in ..
Filigree Ring
Item: 6024
    Delicate filigree design ring. Material: 925 Sterling Silver Sizes: 5..
Flower Band Ring
Item: 6038
    Intricately designed band ring with a flower and filigree design  Materi..
Flower of Life Ring
Item: 71009
    Flower of Life Ring featuring a Celtic Twist on each shoulder of the ring or eit..
Gypsy Gold Butterfly Ring w stones
Item: 71037
    Intricately designed gypsy gold butterfly ring with stones  Material: Br..
Gypsy Gold Floral Hoop Earrings
Item: 72022
Small Gypsy Gold Hoop Earrings with dainty floral design. The hooks on all of our Gyspy Bronze ea..
Gypsy Gold Flower Ring
Item: 71035
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted or Shell Colours: Drk Blu..
Gypsy Gold Large Oval Ring with stone
Item: 71021
    Gypsy Gold Ring set with large oval stone and ornate gypsy gold framing. Mate..
Gypsy Gold Oval Ring with Stone
Item: 71038
    Ornate oval gypy gold ring framed by leaf filigree design with stone. Materia..
Gypsy Gold Ring Celtic Knot With Stone
Item: 71024
    Marquise shaped stone bordered with celtic triquetra knots. Material: Bronze ..
Gypsy Gold Ring with diamond shaped stones
Item: 71030
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted or shell Colours: Da..
Gypsy Gold Ring- Side Oval w Stone
Item: 71015
    Material: Bronze Stones: Reconstituted  Colours: Drk Blue- Lapis..
Gypsy Gold Side Oval Ring w Stone
Item: 71028
    Beautifully designed bronze ring with intricate side oval framing and side oval ..
Gypsy Gold Victorian Rose Ring
Item: 71008
    Intricately designed Victorian style rose ring. Sizes: 52 to 64 Pleas..
Ornate Filigree Ring
Item: 6140
    Ornate filigree style ring  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Sizes: 52&n..
Owl Gypsy Bronze Ring
Item: 71061
    Intricate Owl Ring featuring owl image at centre front with owl wings wrapping a..
Pentagram Silver Ring
Item: 6147
    Classic Pentagram Ring  Meaning: The pentacle, a pentagram within a..
Silver Heart Ring- Filigree Framing
Item: 6113
    Filligree design with central heart shaped coloured stone. Stones colours&nbs..
Silver Heart Signet Ring
Item: 6128
    The quintessential heart signet ring, a style that emerged in ancient times to d..
Silver Ring Flower and Stone
Item: 6108
    Beautifully designed silver ring- central oval shaped stone with flower engravin..
Silver Ring w Stone
Item: 6090
    Sterling silver ring with small oval stone, delicate design. Material: Sterli..
Silver Ring w Stone (Filigree/Floral Framing)
Item: 6107
    Sterling silver ring with oval stone. Stone framed by filigree/floral desig..
Silver Ring with Side Oval Shaped Stone
Item: 6117
    Sterling silver ring with side oval shaped stone intricate framing design. Ma..
Sterling Silver Celtic Ring
Item: 6016
    Meaning: This pattern symbolizes life's journey, an attempt to make se..
Sterling Silver Pentagram Celtic Knot Ring
Item: 6154
    Meaning: Knotwork patterns are symbolic of life's journey, an attempt to make se..
Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant
Item: 6901
Classic Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant  Meaning: The pentacle, a pentagram within a ..
Tree Of Life Gypsy Bronze Ring
Item: 71036
    Tree of Life Ring featuring intricate Celtic design and solid band. Unisex style..
Yin Yang Ring
Item: 6093
    Yin and Yang represents the balance between two opposites. Its origins..
Gypsy Gold Flower of Life Earrings w Stone
Item: 72021
Intricately designed flower of life earrings with central stone. The hooks on all of our Gyspy Br..
Cowrie Shell Necklace/Choker 3 Pack
Item: 0335
Hugely popular product, these cowrie necklaces are a must have this summer.  Adjustable. Can..
Cowrie Shell Necklace/Choker 3 Pack
Item: 0334
Hugely popular product these cowrie shell necklaces are a must have this summer. Adjustable. Can ..
Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant
Item: 6910
Material: 925 Sterling silver Meaning: The ankh, also known as key of life, the key of the Nile o..
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