Smudging & Ritual Accessories

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Wooden Crescent Moon Plate (Teak)
Item: 132391- Moon Plate
Crescent Moon Plate hand carved from teak wood. Perfect for storage of crystals, jewellery and other..
Copper Offering Bowl- Chakra
Item: 1793
Handmade copper offering bowl with 7 Chakra symbols design. Perfect as an altar piece for offerings ..
15cm Wooden Chest x 1 (Elephant)
Item: 1797
Wooden Chest with treasure chest style rounded lid and metal latch. Pressed metal adornments on lid ..
Maiden, Mother & Crone Scrying Bowl
Item: 1798
This scrying bowl features all images of the Maiden, Mother & Crone (Triple Goddess) on the side..
Wooden Mortar & Pestle x 1 (Pentagram)
Item: 1795
Wooden Mortar & Pestle with hand carved PENTAGRAM DESIGN on front. Perfect for ritual or kitc..
Raw Abalone Shell- SMALL
Item: 55205
Our raw abalone shells are sustainably sourced from Western Australia. These shells are in thei..
Scallop Smudging Shell x 1
Item: 55206
Our beautiful new scallop maxi shells are sustainably sourced from Tasmanian waters via a Weste..
Wish Candles 5 pack- 10cm
Item: 502- 5 Colours Available
    5 wish candles per pack - 10cm long Colours available - Green, ..
Baby Honeycomb Candles 5 Pack- 10cm
Item: 5010871- 5 Colours Available
    5 PACK of Baby Honeycomb Candles. Our Baby Honeycomb Ritual Candles are made ..
Honeycomb Ritual Candle 20cm x 1
Item: 501099- 9 Colours Available
    Our Honeycomb Ritual Candles are made from hand rolled beeswax sheets. Each cand..
Sacred Conch Shell (Small) x 1
Item: 55202
Our sacred conch shells are sustainably sourced from the West Indies. These shells have a long ..
Map Cowrie Shell (Small) x 1
Item: 55204
Our Map Cowrie shells are sustainably sourced from Western Australia, due to their amazing..
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