WANCHAKO Artisinal Ecological Incense- NEW

Wanchako is an artisinal ecological incense produced on a small scale in Huanchaco, Peru. The owner of Wanchako is a Reiki Master who has dedicated the last 20 years to perfecting this incredible incense. He works directly with the Palo Santo farmers in Piura, a region in Northern Peru where Palo Santo naturally thrives, in order to source only significantly aged Palo Santo for his incense. He follows the traditional methods of allowing branches to naturally fall and dry for an extended period, which according to Peruvian shamanic practices not only cultivates the distinct palo santo fragrance but from a spiritual perspective also allows the holy wood to retain its mystical qualities. This is an incense with a difference, sometimes when you light incense there is an indescribable feeling that washes over you. Wanchako did this for me. The incense is soulful, grounding and reflective, the scent wraps around you with its grace and I'm grateful to not only have experienced it but to share it with you all. It's a must to try.

Wanchako also ensures conservation of the precious palo santo species by participating in re-forestation. The owner cultivates the trees from seedlings and plants them alongside the farmers.

This incense is 100% natural and the packaging is 100% recyclable, featuring traditional Incan artwork.

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