Sterling Silver Rings

Sizing: Our Rings range from size 50 to 64. Whilst not everyone's fingers are in this range, we have found that these sizes will suit the vast majority of customers. In general we supply rings in a mix of sizes. Should you order more than one of a particular style, we will try not to double up on sizes but give you the widest range possible. If you require specific sizes or prefer mainly large, medium or small sizes, please let us know. We will do our best to send you exactly what you need.

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Butterfly Ring - Filigree
Item: 6161
    The symbolic meaning of the butterfly is similar across most cultures, regardles..
Sterling Silver Filigree Ring
Item: 6037
    Intricate filigree design ring Material: 925 sterling silver Sizes 52 ..
Sterling Silver Triquetra Ring
Item: 6181
    Meaning: The Triquetra or Trinity knot represents the threefold nature of the ..
Sterling Silver Ring
Item: 6018
    Sterling silver multiple bands ring, elegantly designed, substantial piece. F..
Celtic Sailor's Knot Ring
Item: 6178
    The Celtic Sailor's knot was crafted by sailors to remind them of loved ones bac..
Dolphin Ring
Item: 6005
    Dolphin inspired ring featuring 3 dolphins. Material: 925 Sterling Silver ..
Filigree Band Ring
Item: 6013
    Filigree design ring Band width: (3mm) Material: 925 Sterling Silver Av..
Filigree Heart Ring
Item: 6185
    Intricate filigree heart ring. Material: 925 Sterling Silver Available in ..
Filigree Ring
Item: 6024
    Delicate filigree design ring. Material: 925 Sterling Silver Sizes: 5..
Flower Band Ring
Item: 6038
    Intricately designed band ring with a flower and filigree design  Materi..
Ornate Filigree Ring
Item: 6140
    Ornate filigree style ring  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Sizes: 52&n..
Pentagram Silver Ring
Item: 6147
    Classic Pentagram Ring  Meaning: The pentacle, a pentagram within a..
Silver Heart Ring- Filigree Framing
Item: 6113
    Filligree design with central heart shaped coloured stone. Stones colours&nbs..
Silver Heart Signet Ring
Item: 6128
    The quintessential heart signet ring, a style that emerged in ancient times to d..
Silver Ring Flower and Stone
Item: 6108
    Beautifully designed silver ring- central oval shaped stone with flower engravin..
Silver Ring w Stone
Item: 6090
    Sterling silver ring with small oval stone, delicate design. Material: Sterli..
Silver Ring w Stone (Filigree/Floral Framing)
Item: 6107
    Sterling silver ring with oval stone. Stone framed by filigree/floral desig..
Silver Ring with Side Oval Shaped Stone
Item: 6117
    Sterling silver ring with side oval shaped stone intricate framing design. Ma..
Sterling Silver Celtic Ring
Item: 6016
    Meaning: This pattern symbolizes life's journey, an attempt to make se..
Sterling Silver Pentagram Celtic Knot Ring
Item: 6154
    Meaning: Knotwork patterns are symbolic of life's journey, an attempt to make se..
Yin Yang Ring
Item: 6093
    Yin and Yang represents the balance between two opposites. Its origins..

Looking for something different?

We supply a unique and wide range of Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings available in sizes 50 to 64, made from top grade 925 sterling silver. We offer both simple designs and others with intricate details, with a general focus on meaningful styles. 

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