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Item: 1518
  Beads on both side of bag Long shoulder strap Zip for added security Size: Approx..
Item: 1504
These crochet bags come with a zipper and flap for extra security. Size: Approximately 19cm Wide,..
Item: 1524
  Best seller Zip and beaded flap for added secuirty Size: Approximately 21cm Wide, 25..
Item: 1523
Most popular style. Zip and flap for added security Lined Size: Approximately 15cm Wide, 20..
Mandala Passport Bag
Item: 1502
Approximately 15cm Wide, 28cm High - Pack of 5 The bag has a zipper on top and an additional zip ..
Medium Shoulder Bag
Item: 1510
Approximately 21cm Wide, 26cm High The bag has two compartments, both can be securely colosed by ..
Owl Bag - Small
Item: 1501
Patchwork shoulder bag with drawstring opening and zipped section on back.Fully lined. Handmade F..
Beaded Rainbow Shoulder Bag
Item: 1517
Approximately 30cm Wide, 35cm High ..
Large Rainbow Flower With Zipper
Item: 1525
  Large bag with zipper and flap Long shoulder strap Approximately 28cm Wide, 34cm Hig..
Medium Rainbow Bag with Zipper
Item: 1519
Great size bag Zipper for extra security  Tassles with beads Approximately 15cm Wide, ..
Rainbow Backpack
Item: 1526
Groovy festival backpack with wide comfortable straps.  drawsting opening with flap add..
Rainbow Shoulder Bag
Item: 1515
Approximately 30cm Wide, 32cm High ..
Large Crochet Bag, Lined, With Beads
Item: 1509
Size: Approximately 29cm Wide, 32cm Length Colours: Available in Blue, Black, White, Ta..
Owl Bag - Large
Item: 15011
Patchwork Owl Bag with drawstring opening and zipper section on back. Length-42cm Width-29cm ..
Owl Handbag
Item: 1550
      Large handmade shoulder bag with zip opening. Gorgeous handmade fab..
Tie Dyed Bag Single Strap
Item: 1540
This tie dyed bag has a zip opening and wide strap for comfort. Pocket with zip inside. Lined ..
Tie Dyed Moon Bag
Item: 1541
This large unique moon bag features a double strap Zip opening Small pocket with zip inside Lined..
Chakra bag
Item: 1565
measurements (w) 47cm (h)49cm This fashionable and foldable bag is suitable for everyday use..
Cotton Bag
Item: 1534
Assorted designs Zipper closure, safe zipper pocket inside Black lining. 46 (w) 37 (h) &..
Crochet Shoulder Bag Lined
Item: 1512
Size: Approximately 32cm Wide, 36cm Length Colours: Available in Black or Purple ..
Crochet Shoulder Bag Lined
Item: 1512
Size: Approximately 32cm Wide, 36cm Length Colours: Available in Black, White, Tan, Coco,..
Elephant Bag
Item: 1535
Measurements; (w)33cm  (h)36.5cm This gorgeous hippie boho bag is made with embroidered fabr..
Hand of Fatima Bag
Item: 1566
  Two different sides black and white other side colour measurements (w) 47cm (h)49cm ..
Kombi Bag
Item: 1567
This fashionable and foldable bag is suitable for everyday use. Features magnetic fastener&n..
Owl Bag
Item: 1537
Colours: Peach, Green, Black Size: (w)42cm (h) 31cm These super hip bags are made with em..
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