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We now stock Satya backflow cones in 7 popular fragrances and have a number of beautiful backflow burners available. Please note that you have to use backflow cones with the backflow burners in order to create the desired smoke effect. Backflow cones are made with a hollow centre and thicker, stickier ingredients, as a result when these cones are burned they create a heavier smoke that is pulled into the backflow burner, allowing for the beautiful smoke effect.

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Backflow Burner- Antique Brass Hand with Lotus
Item: 1789091
Intricately carved Antique Solid Brass Hand holding Lotus Flower (Backflow Burner). ..
Backflow Burner- Antique Brass Oriental Water Feature
Item: 178909
Intricately carved Antique Solid Brass Oriental style Backflow Burner imitating a cascading wat..
Backflow Burner- Taurus (Bull)
Item: 1788
Ceramic Backflow Burner- "Taurus" Brown ceramic backflow burner with gold finishes in the sh..
Satya Backflow Dhoop Cones- Palo Santo (24 cones x 6 boxes)
Item: 50887
Satya Backflow Dhoop Cones infused with Palo Santo oil.   Palo Santo or "Holy Wood..
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