PALO SANTO Incense (Fragranced)


We have a beautiful new range of Palo Santo Loose Incense Sticks. There are 35 fragrance varieties to choose from. They are all hand rolled by Peruvian artisans, made from 100% natural ingredients (resin from wild harvested palo santo trees is combined wth gum from Acacia trees and the natural resins, herbs, oils and powders relevant to each scent). They all have their own unique, incredible fragrance as a result of the pure and often healing ingredients used. Palo Santo itself is well known for its purification and anti inflammatory properties.

These incense sticks have been created with pure intent and each fragrance has a very beautiful specific purpose. Please take some time to read through the descriptions of each one to see which one you connect with the most. There are a myriad of different uses and rituals described.

Each stick has an approximate burn time of 60 minutes.

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