Our Hippie Days range of incense was created to reconnect you with the bygone, but never forgotten era of the 60's, the birth of the Hippie movement. It is when people became courageous enough to stand up for not just their rights but the rights of mother earth and all her creations. A time when we fought for freedom through peaceful protests, when girls wore flowers in their hair, flares were all the rage, love became the answer to all our woes, beach bums were accepted and surfers truly became one with the ocean. It is also when Woodstock proved that music and love go peacefully hand in hand and more than 400,000 people could gather together for days without conflict and finally it is an era when many gave up their worldly possessions to purchase beat up but gorgeous kombi vans so that they could wander the earth and of course have somewhere comfortable to shag in :). 

The Hippie Days range has tried to capture all of these elements in our beautiful high quality hand rolled masala incense. There are 6 fragrances to choose from Free Love, Shaggin Wagon, Flower Power, Woodstock Sandal, Beach Bum and Soul Surfer. 

Exclusive to Elanora Australia. Made in India

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