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Super bright LED lighting strip with adhesive backing. Easy to install, the system simply plugs straight into a power point. Pure white light to emphasise your jewellery and transform your dark cabinets into beautiful display cases.
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How to order:

  1. Measure the inside length of your cabinet – this is the LED strip size you will need to order.
  2. Add a power supply – you will need one of these for every 5 metres of stripping.
  3. If your power point is more than a metre from the cabinet order one of our 2.5 or 5m extension cords. If you would like to connect multiple lighting strips to the same power supply simply add one of our splitters which will act as a double adapter. You may need several of these depending on the number of strips you would like to connect.

If you need assistance or have any questions please feel free to give one of our friendly staff a call on 02 66 54 99 66 or email us


Product Information

Elanora Australia has launched an Australian first, a DIY commercial LED lighting system which allows retailers to significantly improve the appearance of their display cabinets without the need for a tradesman.

A simple peel, stick and plug-in method allows retailers to enhance their display units and improve the appearance of their products with a pure white light strip, ultimately generating more sales and providing a perfect solution to enhance their jewellery and giftware.

The incredible LED crystal technology proves to be approximately 80 to 90 percent more energy efficient than the traditional light bulb. An economical solution to any shop.

Furthermore the LED strip disperses an even light as it has an astonishing 60 super bright LED lamps in every metre. This equates to approximately two 50 watt LV halogen bulbs. For those not familiar with electrical terms, this simply means that compared to conventional lighting methods, LED lights are far more efficient at converting electricity into light.

Another benefit of this affordable, compact product is that it is available in a variety of different lengths starting from a small 20cm to an amazing 500cm. They can also be cut down and customized at special indicator points on the strip or expanded for oversize displays, making them extremely versatile.

LED lighting strips generate hardly any heat, use a safe 12 volt power supply (just plug into your normal wall socket) and, being a tiny 12mm in width, applying them to any cabinet will be a dynamic sales tool.

LED lighting strips can be used in many styles of cabinets, display cases and shelving units. We have created an online installation video to show you just how impressive this remarkable device really is.

For retailers of jewellery, those selling unique products or anyone who needs to light a dim display, the LED lighting strip is your answer and essential point of difference in generating sales.


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