Fossil and Crystal Pendants

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Crystal Pendants Retailer Display Box - 90 Pieces
Item: 43005
Gemstone Pendants - BEST SELLER These genuine crystal pendants come in a mixed box of 90 ind..
Fossil Shark Tooth Pendants 10 Pack
Item: 43004 - 10
10 individually boxed sharks teeth on cotton necklaces - No Display box Genuine Fossilized S..
Fossil Shark Tooth Pendants 90 Pack
Item: 43004
90 individually boxed sharks teeth on cotton necklaces  Genuine Fossilized Shark Tooth ..
Heart Shaped Gemstone Pendants 90 pcs
Item: 43009
Heart shaped gemstone Pendants - Very Cute These gemstone pendants come an assortment o..
Crystal Pendants 30 Pieces
Item: 430051 - 30 Pcs
   We have now made it available for our customers to purchase this item in lots of 30 ..
Heart Shaped Gemstone Pendants 30pcs
Item: 430091
Heart shaped gemstone Pendants - comes in own box These gemstone pendants are an assort..
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