Valentines Month

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Love Hem Hex
Item: 509692
509692 Love Hem Hex 20 Sticks per Packet - 6 Packets per Unit Packaging: Hexagonal Tubes ..
M Ylang Ylang Solid Perfume - Medium
Item: 1802 M
Long lasting Beeswax based perfume in individual, hand carved soapstone containers. Each container i..
Tulasi Sandalwood Square 25 x 8 Sticks
Item: 51103
Tulasi Sandalwood is a very nice, sweet Sandalwood. Smells as good in the packet as it does whe..
Peace Necklace - 10 pack
Item: 0351
10 pack ..
Strawberry Hem Hex
Item: 509232
509232 Strawberry Hem Hex 20 Sticks per Packet - 6 Packets per Unit Packaging: Hexagonal Tubes ..
Sterling Silver Filigree Flower Hoops
Item: 651028s
Sterling silver filigree flower hoops. Size: (H) 3.8cm (W) 3.8cm ..
Spell Kit - Happiness
Item: 502602
This Happiness blend is designed to lift your spirits and bring joy into your life. This mix should ..
Spell Kit - Love
Item: 502604
This ancient blend of resins, herbs and oils may help you to attract love into your life. Use it fre..
Black Flower Choker -  10 pack
Item: 0332
Fashionable choker styler necklace Affordable price 10 pack ..
Happiness Magic Resin
Item: 502622
Happiness Magic Resin For best results burn on charcoal blocks Sold in a 25mL Test Tube. Magic Spel..
Love Magic Resin
Item: 502624
502624 Love Magic Resin For best results burn on charcoal blocks Sold in a 25mL Test Tube Magic Spe..
Pink Flower Choker - 10 pk
Item: 0330
80s style chokers. Great for any age. ..
Love Knot Bracelet 6pk
Item: 2560
These Love Knot bracelets are made from Magnesium Aluminium. Long wearing Pack of 6 (3 Small 3..
Pom Pom Keyrings 5pk
Item: 20008
Colourful pom poms, shells and beads key chain   5 pack ..
Filigree Amethyst Pendant
Item: 6993
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Stone: Natural Amethyst - Facetted Design:Filigree Dimen..
Flower Bubble Ring
Item: 6026
Sizes available 54 - 64 925 Sterling silver ..
Infinity Ring
Item: 6014
Sizes available 54 - 64 925 Sterling silver ..
Plain Silver Band Ring
Item: 6028
Great for a stacker ring or to wear by itself.   Sizes available 54 to 64 925 sterling..
Best Friends Pendant
Item: 6972
2 in 1 Best friend pendant Material: 925 Sterling Silver Size: 20mm (H) 20mm (W)  Made..
Celtic Sun & Moon Pendant
Item: 6974
Celtic Sun & Moon Pendant Material: 925 Sterling Silver Size: 25mm Diameter Made in Tha..
Filigree Heart Ring
Item: 6185
Material: Sterling Silver Available in Sizes 52-64 Made in Thailand ..
Filigree Ring
Item: 6013
This narrow filigree design ring is great for a set  Material: 925 Sterling Silver A..
Genie Harmony Ball
Item: 69986
Assorted stones Size: 2cm (H) 1.7 (W) Opens up Material: Sterling Silver ..
Gypsy Gold Infinity Pendant
Item: 74017
 Infinity is a powerful symbol of continuous connection, energy and vitality. The addition of e..
Gypsy Gold Triquetra Pendant
Infinity Pendant
Item: 6917
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Size: 25mm (H) 10mm (W) Made in Thailand ..
Large Moonstone Ring
Item: 6080
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Stone:  Natural Moonstone (dyed) Colour: Pink Sizes avai..
Love Heart lock Harmony ball
Item: 69982
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Stones may vary Bronze ball inside Latch to open ..
Silver Pendant
Item: 6906
Material: 925 Sterling Silver Diameter: 18mm Made in Thailand   ..
Sterling Silver Large Wing Pendant
Item: 6966
Beautiful piece of jewellery Angel wing symbolises a friendship, a lost one or if you just love a..
Sterling Silver Rose Ring
Item: 6047
Material: Sterling silver Sizes: 54 to 64 Made in Thailand ..
Gypsy Gold Ring Filigree Heart
Item: 71010
Material: Bronze Sizes available 54 - 64 Made in Thailand ..
Love Heart Gypsy Gold Ring
Item: 71020
Material: Bronze Stone: Reconstitued Stones Colours: Lapis, Paua, Purple, Emerald, Black,..
Amethyst Bracelet
Item: 43401
Amethyst is the stone of contentment and spirituality, it allows stability, strength and inner peace..
Rose Quartz Bracelet
Item: 43402
Rose quartz meaning Love, Self Esteem & Compassion Love. It enhances all forms of love e.g. self..
Heart Shaped Gemstone Pendants 30pcs
Item: 430091
Heart shaped gemstone Pendants - comes in own box These gemstone pendants are an assort..
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