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Amber Necklaces

When sourcing new product lines here at Elanora we strive to find products that are well priced but above all of a high quality and standard. That is why when we decided to start selling Amber Necklaces we ensured that they were of the safest standard available. Once we found a supplier that could offer these standards we requested that they produce documentation so we could ensure the necklaces passed the required tests.

As Amber necklaces contain small stones, if they were to come loose they may become a choking hazard. It is this reason they are made strong so they are hard to break and also double knotted around each stone so if they were to break only one stone will come loose.

One of the main problems with earlier designs on the market was the closing clasp, if the clasp holds too tight there is a danger of strangulation if the necklace becomes caught. We have the most advanced clasp fitted to our necklaces which easily snaps shut but will also release when pressure is applied. The earlier design of a screw shut clasp did not release as easily and is now banned in European countries.

Unsafe Screw Clasps
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