Love Heart Harmony ball

Love Heart Harmony ball

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The Harmony Ball or Angel Caller contains a small bell that emits a gentle chime with movement. For centuries they have been worn mainly by pregnant women in Indonesia and Mexico. The Mayan culture speaks of a legend whereby each pendant with its unique sound, has a magical ability to call upon the guardian angel of the person wearing the pendant and protecting the person throughout their life.

Pregnant women would wear the pendant to protect their baby, often the pendants were worn on long adjustable necklaces. During pregnancy they were worn long so that the pendant would hang around the belly, omitting its tinkling sound for the baby inside, then post birth the women would adjust the size of the necklace so it would hang near her breasts allowing the baby to play with it during breast feeding, helping the baby to settle while recalling the gentle, familiar sound he or she would have heard whilst in the mother's womb. 

Eventually the mother would pass the harmony ball to her child passing on her love and ensuring the child's own guardian angel would be summoned by the Angel Caller.

This is a beautiful gift, filled with meaning.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Stones may vary

Bronze ball inside

Latch to open

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