Wood Incense Holders

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Wooden Incense Boat
Item: 1701
Wooden boat with brass inlay. Suitable for burning incense sticks. Designs may vary ..
30cm Wooden Incense box
Item: 1730
Wooden Incense Box with Hexagonal shaped Lattice Top and Brass Inlay. Once a lit stick or co..
Buddha Incense & Cone Holder 30 cm
Item: 465
This hand carved wooden incense and cone holder showcases a beautiful buddah design towards its base..
Carved Incense Holder 30 cm
Item: 473
Intricately hand carved wooden incense and cone holder with delicate lattice sides. Tal..
Carved Mango Wood Incense Boat
Item: 17013
Easy and affordable way to burn incense Carved assorted designs 25 cm long Made in India ..
Extra Long Incense Boat 30 cm
Item: 17012
Extra long wooden incense boat. Elephant design. Made in India ..
Purple Cone Holder 10 cm
Item: 468
Purple hand carved wooden cone holder.  The best and safest way to burn cones. Smoke come..
Purple Incense Boat
Item: 17011
Pyramid Cone Burner 10cm
Item: 469
Hand carved, wooden incense cone burners with gold buddha image. Pyramid cover lifts up allowing ..
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